kyte consulting
Whether it’s establishing a corporate position or reputation, advancing a political or public policy agenda, or managing a tough issue or unfolding crisis, Kyte Consulting can help craft the right messages, identify key audiences, train spokespeople, and deliver your messages through the right channels to the right people at the right time.
— John Kyte





Issues Management

How an individual or company creates, manages and maintains its public image is more important than ever.  A clear identity and strong reputation for integrity helps attract and build loyal customers, facilitate financing and drive business growth.  And, importantly, in challenging or crisis situations, an entity with a healthy reputation is also more likely to get the “benefit of the doubt” from the public, allowing precious time to develop a sound response.  
Services include: Strategic counsel and program planning; message development and testing; materials production; ally development and coalition management; and, traditional and social media relations.


Government Relations

With a focus on Washington, D.C., and Baton Rouge, LA, and more than two decades of experience maneuvering in political and public policy circles, Kyte Consulting can help clients identify political opportunities and solutions, establish and maintain key relationships at the state and federal levels, and navigate the complex world of politics and legislation.  Kyte Consulting is also formally affiliated with Prime Policy Group, one of Washington’s premier lobbying firms, providing the ability to add additional insight and reach, as needed.  
Services include: Registered lobbyist in Washington and Baton Rouge; strategic planning and execution; materials production; relationship development and maintenance; testimony preparation; hearing preparation and management; and, fundraising and PAC management.


Crisis Communications Planning and Response

In today’s world, every business and organization is just an incident, accident or misstatement away from a potential crisis.  It’s not a matter of if, but when, a challenging or crisis situation will arise.

 How you respond and communicate in a crisis situation will affect your reputation, your ability to fully resolve the situation, and the time it will take to return to business as usual. Today, the public demands, and regulatory agencies expect, a prompt and professional response to a crisis, and organizations that are prepared in advance have a much higher likelihood of survival and success.
Services include: Crisis plan reviews and vulnerabilities assessments; crisis plan development; crisis exercise oversight; and, real-time crisis response support.


Media Relations and Training

As a former daily newspaper reporter, and media spokesman for numerous clients, including a $6.5 billion dollar power plant, a major U.S. bankruptcy filing, and a controversial chemical, John Kyte understands how the media works and how to manage media inquiries and relationships.  From local news outlets to The New York Times and The Wall St. Journal, to Good Morning America and 60 Minutes, John has been on the front lines of numerous stories and situations, ensuring that client’s voices are heard, that errors are corrected and that coverage is balanced.
Services include: Acting as corporate spokesperson; message development and testing; earned media management; op-ed drafting and placement; and, interview, testimony and presentation training and coaching.